Need A Refresh – Take The Google Mobile Test

Mobile Friendly Test

Google Mobile Friendly Test

The Google Mice update is just around the corner on April 21st.

Google plans to clear the path for the cheese, meaning mobile friendly websites will take the lead in search results.

  • What the heck does this really mean?  Get ready to lose half your traffic to your competitors if your site is not mobile compliant.
  • Why is mobile friendly so dang important?  Mobile is the new modern technology. Mobile Searches now exceed desktop searches.

Take Google’s Mobile Test at the below link.

  1. If the answer is yes?  Celebrate and tell all your friends!!!
  2. If the answer is no? Time to get mobile compliant.  We can help.

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Learn more about the Google Mice update at the Google Webmaster site here:


Mobile Web Design and SEO: Key Options for Small Business Branding


Last April, Google shook up the Internet marketing landscape when they updated their search algorithms. The latest change saw the search engine start factoring in (the mobile adaptability of millions of) websites when determining a site’s search result ranking. The change was made in response to the growing number of web users using their tablet or smartphone as their primary web surfing device.
In light of the change, business owners must now make sure their websites are mobile-friendly. Fortunately, business owners worried about how this update affects their small business branding have two excellent choices available to them when opting for mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly web design.

Physicians’ Small Business Branding Includes Safeguarding Reputation

wwwPhysicians have undergone intensive schooling and training to be able to treat those who are sick. While efficiency and skills are paramount in their profession, so are ethics, sound values, and a good reputation. In fact, a negative image may be highly detrimental to a practitioner’s career.
One aspect of small business branding, online reputation management (ORM) is meant to act as a shield against such problems. In an article for Physicians Practice, Dr. Michael Woo-Ming says that in this age of medical malpractice litigations, the last thing any practitioner wants is to have to rebuild their practice back up from nothing even when allegations are proven false. That’s why it’s worth an effort to enlist marketing and branding specialists like those at All Digital Branding.


Content Ideas for Your Medical Practice Blog

A growing number of people are perusing sites and blogs to find helpful information regarding their conditions or the best forms of treatments. In fact, a Pew study reveals that 72% of internet users looked up health and medical information on the Web within the last year. That is the precisely the reason why you would want to put up a regular blog on your medical practice’s website. Doing so will not only increase your exposure as a professional but also give you the opportunity to provide factual information, establish your credibility and point of view, and gain leads and referrals. Continue reading

Auditing Your Website for Performance and SEO

Performing a regular audit for SEO purposes on your website can be extremely helpful to improving site traffic and conversion numbers. This is especially true for local businesses who deal with fierce competition within their communities.

The Basics of a Website Audit

One of the first things you must do to improve your website load times is to make sure your website is coded cleanly. Clean code means that it takes less time for the browser to read your site and less time for search engine robots to crawl your pages and gather information.

After your code is checked, look into meta descriptions, keywords, and site structure. Your site structure should be easy for both search engines and humans to navigate through, and each page should have an attached meta description that includes relevant keywords to help others better understand what the particular page is about.

Internal and External Linking

Another important step in the audit process is to double check your links. Each blog post you put up should have one outbound link to a source website and one internal link to one of your pages. Any links that lead to spam-like directories or other link farm websites should be removed immediately.

Check Your Content

The final step that should be part of any basic website audit is to double check your content for both plagiarism and keywords. If Google finds any plagiarism within website content, your site will be penalized.

Small Business Branding: Strategies for Growing Your Market Reach

If you have just set up a business, such as a dental office, you will have to devote significant time and resources to marketing to potential patients. Small business branding has to do with several aspects, chief among them brand recognition and credibility. Here are some online branding strategies worth considering.

Sell a message

If you try to push a hard sell through website content, potential customers may deem your website less credible than one that offers more balanced content.

Instead, push a message that will attract customers. U2 front man Bono’s Product Red and the HIV/ AIDs fundraising campaign is a good example of this. By expressing support of a worthy advocacy, i.e. children’s health, consumers get the sense they are also supporting a worthy cause and consequently form a positive impression of your brand.

Managing Reviews for your Chiropractic Service

When you check out a movie that was released a few days back, you often check out the online reviews to see whether watching it is worth your time. The above principle also applies when checking out professionals in the allied medical sciences, like say, chiropractors. As such, internet marketing for local business operators, including medical practitioners, provide ways to attract and encourage positive reviews from patients, while managing unfavorable ones.

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Small Business Branding is Growing More and More Important Every Year

As technology continues to advance with each passing year, the need to implement a digital presence online for businesses is becoming even more important. Nowadays, less people are spending time perusing traditional phone books and are relying more on search engines to find local businesses. For example, thanks to the continued innovations in mobile technology, a person can find the perfect place to find an all-night sushi restaurant within 50 miles of his or her location. In this form of small business branding, the influence of the internet can directly impact sales and leads for your brick-and-mortar location.


Small Business Branding Service Helps Businesses Target Local Market

Hand holding a marker writing down the essentials of Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO and S.E.O.

Hand holding a marker writing down the essentials of Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO and S.E.O.

The common notion in the world of internet marketing is that the more customers you reach, the higher the possibility of getting site traffic and landing on top of search engine result pages. Although this is mostly true, a number of people forget that a small but assured target market can be more cost-effective. With more online users this year, it’s about time to shift your focus to local search engine optimization (SEO).

Local SEO or local buzz, which internet marketing companies like All Digital Branding would be able to help you out with, is an online marketing process that optimizes websites to achieve better rankings in local search results. Online marketing companies typically provide small business branding service that ensures online visibility in other local listings other than Google Places, such as Bing Local and Facebook Places. With their help, local customers would be able to recognize your brand online and this could provide you with leads for potential profit.

Marketing Your Small Business the Smart Way

In the past two decades the climate for marketing a local business has changed significantly. Most customers find their information online. This gives business owners more options for finding new customers, but it also means competition is stiffer. Getting the name of your business out there can be difficult with the wealth of options available to the consumer. Still, the Internet gives small businesses a chance to compete with larger corporations that were able to control the market by monopolizing magazine and television advertising.
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SEO’s Three Primary Ingredients

What is an SEO company and what does it do? By definition, an SEO company’s primary concern is to equip you with an online marketing strategy that will boost your brand and help it rank highly in search engines. Put simply, an SEO company’s job is to improve your online presence. As a marketing strategy, SEO can spell significant increase to your sales or income if it works.

SEO is generally concerned with three things: your website, the keywords you use on it and the content you post. Below is the description of each component and their corresponding functions:


Keywords are the most important SEO element for search engines, as they are what search engines use to gauge the relevancy of your website. Choosing the right keywords therefore, is the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign. Continue reading